My 3 month weight loss journey - Fat to fit at home

I've lost weight and gotten stronger by training at home.
It's possible to get fit at home - in this video I'll share my most recent experience.

Since mid-september I've been focusing on loosing weight. These are the results of my 3 month weight loss journey.

In just a little more than 3 months I've lost 16 kilos / 35,3 pounds
I've also gotten stronger and more visibly muscular
I've burned fat and gained muscles!

I haven't taken any supplements, not even protein powder - just a lot of good healthy food, lean meat, eggs and vegetables

I've trained hard and often. 
I've been training 3-5 times every week, my training is mostly based around powerlifting, strongman and bodyweight exercises. 

I've previously lost 55 kilos in one year - I got down to 85 kilos. In my first fat to fit video I go into details on that journey. 
Some years went on, and much of the weight I had lost at that time was back on my body 😞 

August 2019 I weighed 120 kilos (264.5 lbs) - I decided to do something about it. 

Mid-september my weight was down to 116 kilos - this is where I started logging all my food in Myfitnesspal. I consumed just below the amount of calories that the app suggested, and in the end of october my weight was down to 110 kilos - I had lost 6 kilos in just a little over a month. 
This is where I set the goal of getting below 100 kilos before the end of the year - with such amazing result in just one month, I thought that it wouldn't be a big thing to loose an additional 10 kilos in just over 2 months. 

My weight was quite stable from mid october to mid november - I was getting stronger and visibly more muscular, but the number on the scale stayed the same. I knew I had to do something different to keep my goal being realistic. 

I decided to get on a modified egg-diet, where I'd eat 2-3 eggs for breakfast together with some vegetables and a glass of grape fruit juice - all other meals were based on lean meat and lots of low-calorie vegetables - and only 3 meals each day, no snacking at all. 

That approach worked and my weight was dropping again. As I said in update #6, 
" I don't think that any of the ingredients in this diet, alone or combined, and not even the additional grapefruit would do anything magic. I think this diet worked for me because: the 3 meals each day - no snacks allowed at all - this has probably stabilized my energy and insulin levels"
After 1½ week on the egg diet, I was working out of town for a couple of days, so I did not have full control of what food I had available, so I gained a little weight again.

I got back on track and stayed with low calorie food - lots of vegetables, lean meat and a few more options than when I did the egg diet, but still only 3 meals each day - no snacks. 

My weight kept dropping at a slow but steady and acceptable pace - 1-1½ kilos each week. 

Mid-december I decided to do as many pull-ups that I could do, every day for almost a week, and still sticking to my workout routine - that amount of strength training did not go hand-in-hand with my goal of loosing weight - I started eating more and more - meat in particular, I was literally craving meat.
I gained a little weight over that week so I was back at 104 kilos. 

So after that week i would have to loose an average of 2 kilos per week to reach my goal of getting below 100 kilos before the end of year. 

The last two weeks have not been fun - I have not been eating a lot, just enough to not feel too much hunger - I've been eating around 5-700 calories per day, and I've been training a lot at a higher intensity than I'm used to. 

In my previous update I didn't mention my current weight - it was at 103 kilos, so just a kilo less than the week before - I was at that time hoping that my extremely low calorie intake would have payed off. So for just a little over one week I would have to loose 3 kilos. 

The past week I've seen positive results pretty much every day - even though my calorie intake have been really low, I've still had energy enough do some good workouts - but I've been tired at the end of the day, and went to bed earlier. 

The results...  
I did it - My weight is finally down to 100 kilos - 220 pounds

The next few days will be less restrictive - new years eve is just around the corner, and I would like eat something else than spinach and asparagus now... 
I'll be back dieting - or focused on what I consume - from january 1st. 
I also have a few ideas for some workouts to start off the year properly. 

My workout analysis
I've been logging all my training, all exercises, sets, reps and weights since 2017 - I really recommend anyone to keep a log of their training, this way it's easy to see progressions - what worked what did not. 
You can keep a log with pen and paper, in an Excel spreadsheet, in a text document, there's most likely lots of apps for it as well. 

So a few statistics about my training 

Since september 12 - the day I started logging my food on Myfitnesspal 
I have done 66 training sessions - that's an average of 4.4 workouts per week
I have done pull-ups in 29 workouts
Kettlebell swings in 27, 
Curl in 24,
Russian twist in 19
Back squats (including box squats) in 16
Push ups and trapbar deadlift in 13
Ab wheel roll outs and bench pressing in 12
Front squat and air squats in 11
Barbell deadlift (including fatbar) and calf raises in 9
And many other exercises for less than 9 times

My training is usually powerlifting and strongman inspired. For the last 3 months I've done a bit more bodybuilding-style and ab exercises as well - this was to prevent having too much loose skin after a larger weight loss in a short time. 

Strength and endurance improvements
I haven't specifically tested out that many 1RM's or my total recently - but generally I do see improvements in most of the exercises that I do - here's a few high-lights:

I don't do presses that often, but I feel improvement on how many reps I can perform - especially in the bench press

In the trapbar deadlift I hit my previous 1RM but at much higher total work at that specific workout compared to the one of my previous 1RM

In both my back squat and front squat I've hit new PR - even within the same week of training. With the front squat I hit a 4 rep max with my former 1 rep max

I can do many more kettlebell swings without being short of breath

I've increased the amount of reps of pull-ups I can do. 
In 3 months I've done more than 700 repetitions of pull-ups, 468 of them being within just 6 days.
The time that I can deadhang from a Pull-bar have almost doubled. 

The same goes for push ups - And I've started doing plyo/clapping push ups and diamond push ups that I previously struggled with. 

The russian twist is my favorite AB exercise, and I've definitely also improved on that - both the amount of reps and the weight I do them with. 
The same goes for ab wheel rollouts - I used to do these for 3-5 sets of 8 reps, now I'm easily doing 12-15 reps

My plans for 2020:
I'll still be focusing on strength and my body - I will loose some more weight, but I currently don't  have a specific number I wanna hit. 

My overall goal is to be better at what I do - Lifting weights, climbing in trees, hill sprinting with my dog, and most importantly be a better person to myself, friends and family. 

I'll be challenging my self - I'll do workout challenges, the first might be to do push every day for a month. I have a few other on my mind. 

I'll also try out different diets to see if they deliver any good results for short time - a month or so. 

For the past 3 months I've gotten much more interested in my training 
I've invested in more equipment and I've built a lot by my self - the super awesome squat rack with pull-up bar and push-down station, pinch grip blocks, deadlift wedges, fat bar and chain yoke and much more is to come. 
I have a package arriving from strengthshop probably monday before new year and I have many ideas for DIY equipment that I'll be working on. 

2020 looks to be pretty interesting - so if you enjoyed this video, you'll most likely enjoy the following as well - please hit both the like button and subscribe button as well.