Fat to fit body transformation - weight loss - update 11

A few days before the end of 2019 I hit my goal of getting my weight to 100 kilos. I started my weight loss journey 3½ months earlier, at time the scale said 116 kilos. 

The last 2 weeks of my weight loss before end of 2019 was not comfortable, I was not eating a lot - just enough to not make me not feel that I was starving. 

My diet for the remaining days of 2019 was less restrictive, I was still eating some healthy food, but added a few carbohydrated treats in as well. 
I ended up having some issues with sleeping at night and with my stomach and digestion and I was also seeing some impure kin, so I guess my body wasn't ready for such a big change - from one day to another going from not eating a lot and just a very few foods to choose from, to eat much more and with more variety and having high-carb food as well. 

I've decided to do the carnivore diet in January. The carnivore diet is a meat only diet, many people have gotten some impressive results from that diet - not just weight loss results, but also improved health. 

I know I said in one of my previous updates that I wasn't a fan very restrictive diets - but based on what I've heard from other, the results of that diet is most often impressive. not just from a weight loss perspective, but overall feeling - more energy, clear thinking, increased strength and so. Some people have even got their blood tested with some quite good results. 
I've always been eating many vegetables, so I will be missing those. I'll try to eat as many different kinds of meat from different animals, including some organ meat as well. I'll also be adding some cheese to have an additional source of fat - coffee will be allowed as well. 

I'll also be doing 100 push ups ever day throughout the month of january, and still be doing my regular workouts. 
For the first few days I've only done one of my regular workouts besides 100 push ups. I've simply been busy with other stuff, and I also want my body to adapt to the changes with a restrictive diet and the amount of push ups I do. 
I should be back on my workout routine from this week. 
I have a few other challenges on my mind for this year - The next one is one that I have done before, and it will end with a very tough workout, one that I kinda fear but also kinda look forward to see if I have improved in. 

I've adjusted my workout routine to be a bit more intense on variations of squats and deadlifts. 
I'll be doing 3 workouts each week with light to medium weight. I recover faster from squats than deadlifts, so I'll do more squatting than deadlifting.
Whenever I have time to do 4-5 workouts a week, I'll be adding a heavy workout with either squat or deadlift, and the fifth day will be pressing and more freestyle and probably include a few bodybuilding exercises to get some more muscular definition. 
I'll also try to get in a few grip and forearm strengthening exercises on most days - a strong grip will be beneficial in many exercises. 
As longs as I do push ups every day, I won't do that many other pressing exercises. 

So far I've done 100 push ups for 5 days. I complete 100 push ups within 5-6 sets, and I mix between wide, narrow and diamond push ups. Depending on fatigue and soreness later this month, I'll probably do some clapping push ups and ring push ups as well. 
I've measured my chest, arms, hip, thighs and calves on the first of January, and I will be tracking that regularly for this month. 
I already feel a change in my chest and triceps, so I look forward to see the end result aftter all those push ups.