How to do Pull-ups for beginners and intermediate - Fat to Fit at home

In this video I'll show you some variations of the pull-up for beginners and intermediate. I'll show you exercises that you can perform to build the strength required to do multiple pull-ups pull-up - wide - narrow Chin-up fingerboard - Jug and pocket rings Exercises that will improve your strength for pull-ups Bodyweight rows - rings - barbell barbell rows Deadhang - finger strength and endurance Hanging leg/knee raises Pull-ups with resistance bands negative pull-ups push ups Advanced Towel pull-ups weighted pull-ups ring pull-ups As with many other bodyweight exercises, if you are heavy, pull-ups might be hard - Most obviously is to loose weight, the lighter you are, the easier it gets to do pull-ups. I recommend watching my other videos on the fit at home playlist. but you can still train towards doing pull-ups by doing the following exercises. When I got my first strict pull-up many years ago, I was probably weighing more than 100 kilos