Fat to fit -55kg in one year - body transformation - weight loss

This is my fat to fit weight loss story. I was very obese throughout my entire childhood. I was forced through endless of various diets - but the result was always the same, whatever I lost, I gained again - I continued being fat. In my early twenties, I did as many other young people - Eating fast food most days, and partying in the weekends. As a twenty-three year old, I was weighing almost 140 kilos and had more than 30% body fat. In 2009 I decided to do something about it - I started crossfitting and eating healthy. I chose the paleo way of eating (low carb high fat, clean foods - no processed foods, lots of meat and vegetables). I was training hard and eating good quality food and probably had no alcohol at all for a year - the results was amazing. I was down to 85 kilos and my body fat around 12% - I had lost more than 50 kilos in one year. It was an amazing feeling, and I was inspiring many other people in the gym to keep on going. Honestly, I don't think I could have accomplished this without the support from all the members, instructors and everyone else at that crossfit gym - it was definitely a supportive and open-minded community. I haven't experienced anything like that in any other gym that I've been to. I did have some loose skin - but when reminding myself on how I used to look, then I didn't really care about it. Most of it went away after some time where I had been focusing on strength training. I continued my crossfit lifestyle for a couple of years. I was in the gym pretty much every day. I was able to deadlift 2,5 times my bodyweight, my squat and press was pretty good as well. I could run, row and jump - Something I had always been struggling with. I did a lot of strongman inspired workouts, a whole lot of kettlebell exercises and I was also doing krav maga self defence for a while. I attended a few amateur strongman and crossfit competitions. In 2012 I qualified for the national kettlebell championship, but unfortunately I had to cancel a few days before the competition, due to a sprained wrist. Time went on - I moved to another city, I trained and worked as an instructor in a few different gyms for a year or so. I had just finished my education and got a pretty good job. I spent a lot of time working and commuting, resulting in less time for training. I was living together with a bunch of other young guys for a while - I was slowly getting in to my old lifestyle... Fast food and partying. A few years later, I finally got my own place - my eating is getting better and I'm still lifting weights a few times a week. But... There's usually cake every day at my job - there's always an occasion for someone to bring cake. Once every week I go to one of my hobbies, there's always cake and candy available. Most weekends my girlfriend and I will attend events, parties, visiting friends, family and so on - there's always lots of food including desert. The temptation was often too big... August 2019 - I couldn't fit most of my shirts any more - my body was getting bigger and softer - I was on my way to become very fat again. I weighed more than 120 kilos. No one have ever forced me to eat all the unhealthy foods - There's only one person to blame... that's myself. It's time to become the better version of my self again - I've done it before - I can do it again. Mid September 2019, the scale said 116 kilos... I started logging my weight and all food that I put in my mouth. I've ditched snacking and "in-between-meals", and I've only been drinking very little alcohol. In just one month, I've lost more than 6 kilos - I'm down below 110 kilos. My goal is to be better at what I do - I wanna be better at lifting weights, better at sprinting in the hills with my dog, better at climbing trees, and be a better person to myself, family and friends. Before the end of 2019, I'll be below 100 kilos. I believe that food is the most important ingredient in weight loss. Sure working out will definitely help, but the majority of the weight loss happens through proper eating. I'm not gonna starve - I'll be eating lots of high quality food. If I consider my body a strong high end engine, why would I fuel it with bad stuff? Sugar and starch is some of the worst things to fuel your body with. I'll have little to no processed foods. I'll be eating very low calorie and low carb foods. Lot's of vegetables, meat and eggs. My daily calorie intake the past month have been between 600 and 1800 calories - and I have not went to bed feeling hungry.