Carnivore diet update - Nutrient deficiency?

Here's an update on my carnivore diet experience. 
I'll talk about some nutrients that are hard to get while eating nothing but meat and cheese. 

I'm feeling really good, energy levels are extremely high and the eczema that I mentioned in my last update is almost completely gone.

As I said in my january carnivore update, I would continue eating meat and cheese, but adding a little spinach as well because I felt like I might needed some magnesium.
I was feeling a slight discomfort in my left leg around the calf muscle. It wasn't really like cramps and not that painful but a bit more than just soreness from training. 
I've read that other people had some issues with cramps in their legs, and that it could be because of a too low intake of magnesium. 
I've had spinach mixed with minced beef every day for just a little over a week - I cook roughly 1 part raw spinach and 3 parts beef. I'll have that together with some other meat such as pork, fish or game meat. 
Spinach contains many other nutrients and vitamins, such as A, C, E, K and some B-vitamins. 
The discomfort in my leg is completely gone now. 

I eat a small block of cheese a couple of times every week. Cheese contains calcium which is said to be vital for bones, blood pressure, muscle contraction and more. 
Calcium can also be found in other dairy products such as milk and yoghurt - I rarely have any of that, so I'll just make sure to get some cheese. 

My joints usually gets a bit more stiff during winter due to lower temperatures. That's also been the case this winter. 
I love eating fish - which always helps on my joints. But it's really hard to find good quality fish, so I rarely eat it. 
I don't wanna eat farmed fish due to less nutrients and high amounts of toxins - go google farmed fish if you don't know about it. 
But luckily one of my local grocery stores have improved on that, and now selling a small selection of wild caught fish including salmon which seems to contain many more nutrients than many other fish. 
So since the end of january I've been eating fish approximately 3 times a week, and my joints are feeling absolutely great. 

I've been eating quite a lot of organ meats, which is something new for me. 
I breed rabbits and usually use the liver and kidneys for dog treats or make a pate out of it. 
But I decided to give it a try. 
Fried kidneys are really delicious. But I'm not a big fan of fried liver, however mixing it with minced beef and cook it as patties is pretty good. 
Organ meats is usually very cheap - probably because many people don't like it - my local store was selling chicken hearts at a reduced price, so I also gave that a try - just fried them on a pan which was also very good. 
Organs contains a lot of nutrients that's hard to get from just meat.
A-vitamins, B-vitamins such as B7, B9 and B12 and some contains vitamin C as well - B12 in particular is hard to find anywhere else than organ meats. 

I'm personally not a big fan of taking supplements, but I recommend taking some if you are doing a very strict carnivore diet or any other restrictive diet and not making sure to get proper nutrients from the food. 

As I said, I'm feeling really good. I haven't lost a lot of weight on the carnivore diet, but I had already lost more than 16 kilos or 35 pounds just before I started on the carnivore diet.
I'm still getting stronger, and yesterday I set a new PR with my 64 kg kettlebell with my bodyweight being 20 kilos less than my previous PR a year ago. 

Would you like me to post videos with some carnivore cooking? Let me know in the comments below. 
I've thought about doing a carnivore-version of a very popular food. 

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